framework for
server-driven UI
framework for
server-driven UI

Push app updates from the server at any time.
For Android, iOS, and Web.

You describe elements, states, and animations on the backend, and they get pushed from the server without any ties to the app version. Update your app’s UI at any time and as often as you’d like.

How does it work?

Flexible elements
DivKit builds your interface from elements. These can be assigned properties, such as update rules, and added without rewriting any code.
DivKit provides templates, which can be inherited and reused. You can even run a design system for them on the server.
When an element changes its state, it can completely change its appearance. This means you can describe events like button clicks and expanding cards.
Clicking, moving, appearing, or disappearing.
Variables and triggers
Use variables and triggers to change the states of multiple elements at the same time. This lets you switch to a dark theme, show users that their subscription has been activated, and more.
Adding new element types
Add elements or improve existing ones. For example, add a card with a chart or support pinch-to-zoom.

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